Japanese Musician Travelers

During our travel in May 2014, we encountered many friendly Japanese which made our journey warm and memorable.  At the HTS Guest House in Onomichi, we met a young musician Miss Ayaka Kutsuna.  Ayaka graduated from the University of Arts in Kyoto last year.  She was invited to Onomichi to perform at the Onomichi Music Festival during the weekend that we were there.  She is now teaching music and performs chamber music by invitation to save some money for her future travel.  Ayaka hopes she can save enough to travel overseas for a Working Holiday.  


As we were strolling in the Onomichi Shopping Arcade, we saw Ayaka and her fellow musicians performing chamber music inside the arcade for the public to enjoy.  Their music professional, and the young musicians were very serious about their performance.  During a break in their performance, we took the chance to chat with another team member.  Tomo is a Osaka International Chamber Music Master student.  Each week, he enjoys his 3 days of class, and busking on the street for a couple days.  Tomo expressed his passion to travel abroad to do the same in the future.


We were very happy to see the young musicians pursue their dream of a colorful and musical life.  We look forward to hearing more successful stories of these future Working Holiday musicians.


在我們2014年5月的日本旅行中,我們遇到了很多友好的日本人,這使我們的旅程沖滿溫暖的回憶,令人難忘。在Onomichi尾道市中HTS民宿,我們遇到了一位年輕的音樂旅者綾香久津Ayaka Kutsuna。綾香去年從京都大藝術學畢業。我們在尾道市的那個週末,她被邀請在尾道市的尾道音樂節期間表演音樂。她現在平日教學生音樂,有時被音樂協會邀請表演音樂,這些工作可以讓她節省一些錢給她未來的旅行做準備。綾香希望她能攢夠到海外打工度假。