French Travellers

While camping in Tasmania, we met two French students at Mount Field Camp Ground, Tasmania. The students were classmate at the University of Brittany in France studying Diploma of Health & Safety then a Bachelor Degree. Before they complete their last year of the Bachelor Degree, they chose to travel the world for life experience. Their travel included coming to Australia under Working Holiday Visa. After their experience of travelling, they both plan to change their major to Sales & Marketing and Communication when they return to France.

Mathieu arrived in Australia seven months ago. When he first arrived, he stayed at a farm in Coffs Harbour picking blueberries for a month. Later, he traveled to Melbourne to work as removalist for one month. After saving some money, he travelled in Queensland for six weeks to enjoy Australia's beautiful sunshine.

Kevins joined Mathieu as Working Holiday student seven months ago. He first worked in fund raising in Sydney for a week, then travel to Melbourne for work as removalist with Mathieu. To make more money for his living cost in Australia, he continued his job searching resulting in a move to Young, NSW for two weeks in a fruit picking job.

When asking what they do for accommodation during their travel, Mathieu happily showed us his "do it yourself" 4-wheel-drive converted camper. He bought the 4-wheel-drive for $4000, purchase all the parts and materials to do the conversion for $800, and hopes to sell it for $5800 when he leaves Australia.

Mathieu thinks Australians are really friendly and Australia is a welcoming nation living peacefully and willing to help strangers when they neede.

Kevin thinks Australia is a lucky country with a good economy and many job opportunities for young people, especially for backpackers. He thinks Australia is beautiful and the wine tastes great.
Both Kevin and Mathieu will not continue with their second year of Working Holiday visa. They just wish to experience Australia now they are preparing to go back to school. This Working Holiday experience will end up as a breakeven in their finances, but their life experience is now much richer for them both.

When asked what they recommend to newcomers on a Working Holiday visa, they highly recommended Working Holiday visa holders ask local Australians for advice, instead of asking other Working Holiday students, because people in Australia know their country and system better and because many other opportunities may come by being friendly with local people.


在塔斯馬尼亞露營時,我們在塔斯馬尼亞 費爾德山露營地點遇到了兩個法國學生。這兩人在布列塔尼的法國大學學習健康安全文憑,是同學,。在他們完成大學本科的最後一年之前,他們選擇了周遊世界的生活體驗。於是他來到了澳洲成為打工度假的包包。經過他們的旅行經驗,他們都計劃,他們返回法國時將改變他們的主修科,改為銷售及市場推廣與傳播學位。



當問及他們在他們的旅行住宿時,馬修高興地向我們展示了他的“自己動手”改造的4輪驅動轉露營車。他花了$ 4000買了4輪驅動車,又花了$800元購買零件和材料把他的車改為露營車,他希望當他離開澳洲時能賣掉$ 5800