General Problem


You can check the following website

in order to find out which visa you are applying for or,

you can consult with our website:


contact us on phone number:  + 61 2 92115505 or



You can look up on AEI ( Australia Education International) or  It is always welcome to contact us on + 61 2 92115505 or  email your questions to us by email :  


You can check the following website , it contains all regiserted institutions and courses.      

Other Question


This really depends on student visa condition restrictions and school sector you are looking for.  It is recommend to consult with experience migration agent in order to determine your are eligible to change education sector or education provider.    

 If your visa is expired and within 28 days of your visa expired date, you are eligible to lodge a student visa, if your visa is expired over 28 days of your visa expired, you must present a compelling reason or circumstance is not under control in order to explain why your visa should be granted.  However, it is highly recommend to consult with us how to prepare your visa application because a well planed of application will surely ensure your successful rate.    

It is ok for you to add your de facto boy friend to your student visa application, it is important to know how to demonstrate your relationship is genuine and continuously.  Time of your study and financial are also important in your application.  We are happy to instruct you to prepare your application and ensure your application to be granted.        





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