About Us

Introduction to PMEC

Prudential Migration and Education Consultancy Pty Ltd (PMEC) was established in 1997 to serve clients in Sydney, Australia. Over the many years, PMEC continued to expand its services to help students and migrants in Australia and around the world.

PMEC helps transnational individuals identify and advance to their own ambitions for international education and/or migration. PMEC offers Education and Migration Services through the head office in Sydney Australia; and through the branch offices in Indonesia, Thailand and China.  With 16 years of professional experience in the Education and Migration Industries, PMEC strives to understand the interests of each client and to provide a range of relevant options for them to apply their effort and resources in achieving their own success.

PMEC's students come from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and many other countries to study at Australian High Schools, Vocational Institutions and Higher Education Institutions.  Students are assisted with a range of challenges including establishing their study plan, institution enrolment, student visa, initial transport, accommodation, employment and social activities.

PMEC migration services include assisting individuals who are interested in applying for various visas in Australia including business visa, student visa and permanent resident visa.

PMEC understands that professional and quality services are important to help our clients achieve and for PMEC to stand ahead in this competitive industry.

PMEC Services

PMEC’s professional team provides a range of services to support the aspirations of each individual client including:

Education Services

Migration Services

Clients Service Information

  • Custom Study Plan
  • Education Institution Application
  • Student Visa Application
  • Living in Australia Arrangements
  • airport pickup

  • homestay / shared home

  • Guardian (for under 18)

  • Australian bank account

  • Australian tax file number

  • health insurance

  • General Skilled Migration
  • Partner Migration
  • Business Migration
  • Visa Extensions
  • Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) Support
  • Passport Renewal





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